Dirty Looks - Dirty Looks
Dirty Looks have long been overshadowed by a lesser, though identically named metal band that gained some popularity in the wake of their demise. The band was a fixture for a short while at Max's Kansas City and were signed to Stiff
Records who put out their debut single "Let Go" along with a well-received eponymous debut in 1979. The label also released a follow up, Turn It Up, the next year that didn't fare quite as well and subsequently dashed Stiff's hope that the band would become a swift success. Still the first album is a solid bit of power pop that grips the cleaner sound that rumbled through the NYC punk clubs at the rollover between '79 and '80. The poor reception and almost non-existent distribution of their second album almost certainly lead to their demise. Stiff has reissued both albums along with some excellent bonus material and it sits nicely alongside your Milk n' Cookies and Quick reissues.

[MP3] Dirty Looks - Let Go

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