Bloodloss - Lost My Head For Drink
Not reaching nearly as far back as most records in this column but a great one all the same. Bloodloss were formed in Australia in the early 80's and maintained an ecstatic, sax fueled brand of post-punk/sleazy blues craziness. Midway through
their career they were sidetracked when the two founding members of the band were recruited into Lubricated Goat and the fate of Bloodloss was put on hold. However, following this hiatus the band hooked up with Mudhoney's Mark Arm and made him a full time member of the band. Three albums followed shortly after his addition and Lost My Head for Drink has always remained as the mythical last album, recorded in '96 but never released due to monetary concerns. Well thankfully someone got together the scratch and here lies that final album in all its ragged, jerky, frantic glory. Definitely a hard-hitting, bile fueled release that stands up to the majority of the band's catalog.

[MP3] Bloodloss - Chocolate Cake Factory Blues

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