Andy Stott

A companion piece of sorts to Passed Me By, his EP from earlier this year, Andy Stott's follow up is just as densely packed and pressurized as its predecessor. We Stay Together opens with a head-in-vice boiler that is only a warning of the humid textures and undulating beatscapes that are about to unfold. If anything this EP is more mechanical than the fist but never in an industrial sense. Stott's work is a bastard fusion of nature and machine fused in a symbiosis that feels tenuous at best. Its a resentful partnership that comes off reeling with old-school dystopian tendencies of dependence on and repulsion of technology; cyborgian in nature but hateful of the circuits that keep the skin alive. The atmosphere is fraught with tense energy and minute movement fluttering below a loose organic fog that breathes slowly. Its clear to see that both EPs have elevated Stott's craft and each are as inextricable from each other as they are indispensable.

[MP3] Andy Stott - Posers

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