Acid Baby Jesus

Grecian psych-punks Acid Baby Jesus jumped onto our radar with a killer EP for Slovenly Records and they've completely blown any expectations away by following it up with their new album, the sparsely titled LP. The album ropes in quite a few sounds sympathetic to RSTB's ears, crawling from gnarled sci-fi punk that could give Human Eye a run for its money, to slow swagger spacedust blues hopped up on mercury swirls and lead poisoned pacing. Each listen opens this one up a little more, cracking new influences and pulling out into a wide angle focus that snaps their ups and downs into a Monet-like clarity when taken as a whole. Its been a while since a debut hit us this hard and its definitely recommended that you wrap your heads around this one soon. Also available from the crew at Slovenly.

[MP3] Acid Baby Jesus - Tooth to Toe

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acid baby jesus rules!greetings from volos

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