Something Fierce

Texas seems to be one of the many new sources for garage-punk that hearkens back the 70's heyday of the form (see also: Chicago, Memphis, Australia). Though Austin and Denton have gotten plenty of coverage it seems that Houston has slipped through the cracks in terms of entering a contender in the race, until now. Something Fierce have modeled their third record on the expanding sounds of late 70's British punk, just before the real experimentation set in but while the seeds were definitely bubbling. Think The Clash before they hit reggae rhythms or early outing from The Jam. To complete the homage, the band are also inclined to send their lyrics on a political bent, resulting in the kind of anti-war songs that still retain a sense of movement over outright anger, at times approaching downright danceable. This one's unleashed on Dirtnap, the same blokes who brought you Bad Sports' latest. Gonna have to keep a closer eye on that camp.

[MP3] Something Fierce - Afghani Sands

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