Ricardo Donoso

Those who only know Donoso's name as a member of avant-metal peddlers Ehnare may find his solo work a bit of a departure. Following in the same trend as many of the current analog resurrectionists he's crafted Progress Chance into a bubbling, atmospheric monolith that's on par with anything that Emeralds, OPN or Mist has put together. Heavy on the atmospherics but also intriguingly rooted in dance, Donoso's compositions tend to feel as if the air's been sucked out of massive dance party leaving only the burbling high ends and the dubbed out feeling of beat nudging the back of your ears. The record's atmospheres lend it a foreboding nature that brings to mind the ominous soundtrack works of Vangelis or John Carpenter. Definitely not one to miss out on!

[MP3] Ricardo Donoso - The North Quadrant (Ascension)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

man am i tired of people saying stuff sounds like vangelis or john carpenter. enough is enough.

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