Omma Cobba

Omma Cobba peaked some interests around these parts due to their connection with Canadian fuzzsters Omon Ra and an early single on Craft Singles. Now Dan Miller has taken Omma Cobba to the long format with an LP for Sweet Rot. Full of hangover blues and bedraggled folk maneuvers, the album rides the same Sic Alps/Skip Spence axis that showed up in early inklings. Recorded on the road in Europe; the album is soaked with the sound of road weary, late night rumblings that burn themselves clean under bare light bulbs in back rooms. Each listen peels away another layer from the toasted canvas of Miller's songwriting and reveals the weary catharsis beneath his lo-fi film. As with most gems on Sweet Rot, this is limited (to 300) so hesitation will only leave you wanting more.

[MP3] Omma Cobba - Some People Say You're No Good

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