JW Farquhar - The Formal Female
This is one of those odd rarities that seem to make sense how it could have become lost to the ages, but its resurrection is more than welcome. Farquhar recorded this acid dampened opus on Teac four track in his apartment, sealed off
from the noisy streets below by soundproofing foam. The album acts as a disjointed rock opera centered around Farquhar's recent messy divorce. As such the album is full of bitterness and quite a bit of misogyny but at the same time proves to be quite an enthralling spiral into darkness and outsider psych. There are definitely times on the record when you can see that the dude is losing it, but you just can't look away. Backed by primitive beats that loop like an early drum machine and foreshadowing everyone from R. Stevie Moore and Bobb Trimble to even farther reaches like James Ferraro's hot glued rants. This is definitely not for mass consumption but for the right kind of ears its definitely a unique listen.

[MP3] JW Farquhar - Where Have You Been

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