Charalambides is a name we haven't heard from in a while and its a welcome return to have them back in these pages. It’s been five years since their last album Likeness was released on the tail end of a psych-folk revival that began sweeping its way through in the early aughts. Now, in 2011 Tom and Christina Carter's brand of haunted drone-blues are more essential than ever. No longer lost amongst a sea of pale imitations Exile proves that the duo have always been heirs to the tower built by the likes of Loren Conners and Keiji Haino. Christina's voice looms spectrally over a sea change squall of noise that swings from subtle to chaotic. The two core members of the group haven't lost a step from the time they've started this institution of shamanistic incantation. This, of course is due to the pair's high volume work ethic in the intervening years, squeezing out solo and collaborative works for respected labels like Three Lobed, Digitalis, Blackest Rainbow and Important before returning to their home on Kranky for this proper return. Though it’s clear, even though their time apart was well spent, they saved the best for Exile.

[MP3] Charalambides - Before You Go

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