Veronica Falls

This one's been high on the anticipation list, with Veronica Falls nailing a few early 7"s with their mix of jangly British rock and reverb-heavy latter day indie vibes. Fans of those early singles will find some familiar territory as the A-sides show up here, rounded out by some excellent new material that falls perfectly in line with their sweet and spooky style. That combination is really what makes Veronica Falls such a pleasant surprise in a sea of jangly soundalikes. The songs have the kind of haunted, grey-eyed delivery that underpinned bands like The Mama's and Papas and in similar fashion they cut the dreariness off at the knees with sugar laced coos that keep each new chorus as memorable as the last. Slumberland has really built their newfound roster into a formidable force of indie pop these days and Veronica Falls have stepped right to the top of the ranks with their self-titled debut.

Veronica Falls - Bad Feeling

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Sweet blog. Check ours out sometime -- we reviewed Veronica Falls debut recently: http://www.earbuddy.net/2011/09/veronica-falls-veronica-falls-review.html

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