You know over the year it always seems like there are releases that you forget about that totally deserve a nod. Mazes LP snuck into my rotation a few months ago when it came out but has totally avoided its share of the Raven love. For a bunch with an off the cuff recording aesthetic and minimal take, live to tape techniques A Thousand Heys sounds plenty polished. Though that may just be the sparkle reflecting off their smiles, because the best thing about this record is how much fun they seem to be having playing it. Its easy to see how their brand of DIY indie-pop could come off effortlessly extatic live but its always hard to translate that sense of joy to tape. Every inch of this one sounds like a there's a crooked grin bursting through the speakers but without ever tiptoeing into saccharine territory. One of the most enjoyable recs since last year's sorely overlooked Hanoi Janes platter. This has definitely taken a climb to the top of the Raven stack. If you haven't picked it up, its about time.

[MP3] Mazes - Most Days

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