RSTB faves Ganglians make the jump from Woodsist/Weird Forest to Lefse, smoothing out a few of the kinks in their disjointed pop in the process but never losing the warm glow that makes their music shimmer. Still Living leans on the crisp vocals harmonies that have typically inhabited Ganglians' world, now buoyed by a cleaner production element courtesy of producer Robby Moncrieff. The band come close to the cacophonous glory of Monster Head Room but they seem to have struck upon a bittersweet tide that's tempered the flail of sticks and snap of strings that reared when the band showed their teeth. "Blood on the Sand" still remains as one of the highlights of their catalog, relegated to an essential pre-album single but their are moments here that show the glint of reckless trouble that glosses over their eyes in the heat of pop ecstasy. This is a simmering side to Ganglians and that tension is a welcome offering, though a part of me is still waiting for them to boil like I know they're capable.

[MP3] Ganglians - Call Me

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Anonymous Doctor Gaz said...

I'm confused.com, this song seems to have a different title "drop the act" on some track listings

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