RSTB Records' Debut Release: Gross Relations

Brooklyn foursome Gross Relations have been kicking it through one self-released 7-inch and a handful of digital singles and now they make their 12” vinyl debut as the inaugural release for the newly minted Raven Sings The Blues Records. The band has taken its pop-wrestling approach, rooted in fuzzy leads and woozy keys, and blown it out to new highs for this excellent EP.

In Gross Relations’ world choruses clamber into your brain and take root; bridges kick like second winds, fueled by cheap whiskey and cathartic sweat and the default setting is locked at shambolic. Every song on this slab is covered in a thick corrosive resin that melts your stack of latter day garage faves like Flight and Nice Face into a puddle on top of your Guided by Voices and Beat Happening LPs. The concoction pits the brute fuzz and energy of the former with the from-the-hip songwriting and delivery of the latter.

GR come barreling at you like a pop hangover that wells up last night’s regrets with a soundtrack of hazy anthems built for letting them all go. The band has rolled out their best work yet and RSTB couldn’t be happier to unleash this beast on the world.

Pre-Order the Come Clean 12" from Insound.

1. Blame The Records
2. Come Clean
3. My Sight Wasted
4. When You Go Down
5. Insel Mainau
6. Life Is Faded

Download the track "When You Go Down" below.
[MP3] Gross Relations - When You Go Down

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