Wooden Shjips

The Shjips return and have pulled into the harbor at Thrill Jockey for one of their most engaging albums yet. It seems some time spent embracing the catchier side of riffs in Moon Duo has rubbed off on Ripley's playing in Wodden Shjips, making this one of the sunniest entries into the SanFran unit's discography. Fear not though, the bite is still behind this newfound sunshine. The fuzz is still ferocious and there's still a whiff of sulfur in the air as molten clouds of ash descend in West's wake. The album marks the band's first time laying down tracks in a proper studio and they've even brought in Sonic Boom to master the final product, adding another layer of inescapable quality to this affair. The underlying theme is a tribute to the American West (as hinted at by the title), manifest destiny and the untamed wilderness; and the band's minimal throb fits the territory like the scarred traces of canyon floors.

[MP3] Wooden Shjips - Lazy Bones

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Blogger Lawdrone said...

Already planning to buy the album, but HOLY CRAP where's that photo from? Wooden Shjips & Gnod? I must've been in a coma for that tour. Going to have to see if anybody taped one of those sets.

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