Elijah Forrest under the guise of Terrors has shown up here before on a lovely tape from Bathetic a few years ago. Since then the Savage Young Taterbug / Infinite Body collaborator has gone on to amass a few other home recorded gems, most of which have been collected by the good folks over at Weird Forest and onto Lagan Qord. Forrest's works encompass hushed guitar folk and a weary brand of psych-folk with the ever present drone of tape hiss guiding them along like a steel rail. This collection includes all the pieces of the aforementioned Bathetic tape plus a few from Equipoise, Inequipoise and an alternate take from a split with Infinite Body. The whole thing was sequenced and remastered by RSTB fave Sean McCann and it hums with a fresh new life for the uninitiated.

[MP3] Terrors - Coffin Tongue

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I'm in love with this song. Great blog btw :)

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