Snapper - Shotgun Blossom
The Flying Nun label brought forth many great bands in the 80's and 90's with few household names among them. True to form Snapper have gained more acclaim in retrospect than in action, mostly for Stereolab comparisons that
traced the English band's sound back to this Kiwi crew; though more accurate comparisons might be made to heavier bands like Wooden Shjips and their offspring Moon Duo. Snapper had none of the soft-impact coo of Laetitia Sadier, instead supporting their motirik fuzz with a bit of a buried rasp that grew to a growl in places. The band included members of The Clean, The Chills and This Kind of Punishment at times though they often seem to fall out of the discussions that revolve around those particular players in Flying Nun scene. This classic was released in '91 and by about '94 the band had lost a few players, ostensibly being reduced to a duo for their last album ADM before finally calling it quits. However, this stands as one of the great albums forged by time and place and always condemned to second tier status.

[MP3] Snapper - Hot Sun

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