Motion Sickness of Time Travel

Rachel Evans' debut last year under the name Motion Sickness of Time Travel was a gorgeous layered affair that had us immediately drawing Grouper comparisons. Now she's followed that album up with the equally bewitching Luminaries & Synastry on Digitalis. The album floats in an ether haze of gauzy synths and Kosmsiche pulses with Evans' always haunting voice slipping between the layers like a silken needle. Again this one walks the line between nebulous synth projects that have been popping lately and the spectral drones of Grouper, and Harris seems to have a skillful hand on both sides of the fence. Her first album went fast and is just beginning to peek back into repress so there's plenty of expectation that this should run out just as quickly. Get on this one before it disappears (or dissipates).

[MP3] Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Day Glow

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

msott/rachel evans is not grouper/liz harris.
ive heard this comparison a lot from hype blogs, to me that is just lazy "journalism"!

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