Mikal Cronin

For many the name Mikal Cronin might only sound familiar in tandem with Ty Segall, as the two have been making noise for a few years now. He's also been holding his own in The Moonhearts but with the release of his second solo album I think quite a few more folks will have his name on their mind all on its own. His self-titled record on Trouble in Mind learns well from both his collaboration with Segall and from his compatriot's solo efforts. Cleaner than we've heard him in a long time, the record packs a huge whollop in its three-minute garage-pop punches. Scraping its way through fuzz, jangle, slow burn motions and even a few psychedelic breakdowns, the record is nothing if not infectious; opening itself up wider with each play. In the truest sense of the word this is just a good record, one that's quickly jumping up our best of 2011 list and one that's not likely to leave the turntable soon.

[MP3] Mikal Cronin - Apathy

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (available September 20th)
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Anonymous Trouble In Mind said...

FYI - This album comes out on September 20th!!!


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Killer track, thanks!

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