After spending so much time with Cooper Crane's side project Bitchin Bajas around here its easy to forget how consistently awesome Cave are in their own right. Drag City are unleashing the band's latest opus, Neverendless on the world this year and it pulses as heavy as ever with the exuberant spirit that we've come to love Cave for. The album's deeply rooted in the crossroads of the German Progressive explosion but with a heavy psychedelic edge that erupts out of the motirik rhythms, pulling the groove into tattered pieces before sewing it back up with deadly precision. While the Bajas appear to be Crane's calm center of meditation its clear that Cave remains a force of catharsis that's always teetering on the edge of spontaneous combustion. It’s good to have a little heavy groove back in our lives to combat the punishing crush of summer sweat.

[MP3] Cave - Adam Roberts

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