Case Studies

The dissolution of The Dutchess and The Duke came as a sad note in the past few years around here, but not a surprise, that project burnt fast and hot in a way that didn't seem sustainable. In the wake of it's demise frontman Jesse Lortz has taken up solo (with plenty of friends) under the name Case Studies and hooked up for a record on Sacred Bones. Lortz retains much of his crooked grin humor but tames the intensity of the strums a bit into the crook of troubadour country. At times his verbose style and sly humor bring him sauntering into Wooden Wand territory which, if you've read RSTB for any length of time you know is quite all right with us. The lack of a female foil isn't felt as hard as one would imagine, as in the place of Kimberly Morrison, Lortz enlists a few friends to smooth out his whiskied delivery. It seems that as Case Studies The Duke lives on.

[MP3] Case Studies - You Folded Up My Blanket Like We Were Already Lovers

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