Bobb Trimble - The Crippled Dog Band
Up until a few years ago, when his two long lost records were reissued by Secretly Canadian, Bobb Trimble was just a legend of the Worchester, Mass. scene. Now, having proven that his delicate
psychedelia was a sorely overlooked piece of the early eighties underground, another piece of the Trimble mystery surfaces via the always astute hands of Yoga Records. In '83 Bobb hooked up with a group of teenagers called The Crippled Dog band and recorded an album of DIY punk/jangled psych that's different side from the Trimble you may already know. The album is full of youthful charisma, video game noise interludes and that indefinable edge that Bobb brought to all his works. The original 500-run pressing of the LP was dumped by the man himself into a dumpster before the record ever saw the light of day owing to a falling out with the band but now it's been rescued from obscurity and it's a pretty essential listen for fans of late 70's early 80's obscurities.

[MP3] Bobb Trimble - Angel Eyes

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