Amen Dunes

Damon McMahon's past recordings have come with an air of the solitary hermit. His 2009 release DIA was recorded four years prior and never intended for wide release, but its quiet psychedelic charm proved to be too good to keep on the shelf. Last year's Murder Dull Mind kept a similar bedroom vibe under its mostly acoustic charms. As such I approached McMahon's second full length Through Donkey Jaw with similar expectations, hunkering down with headphones and listening for that same quiet countenance. However, it wasn't until I put the record through speakers that I realized how much of a "big" record this is and a turning point for McMahon. It's not big in a stadium sense, or a rock sense; it's still an almost reverent psychedelic record, but it hangs on the air with a reverberation that's only felt out loud. Where some of DIA felt like a diary, this feels like a bolder statement. Its the record that McMahon's been promising to make since he first pressed record all those years ago.

[MP3] Amen Dunes - Lower Mind

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