Kindest Lines

Louisiana's Kindest Lines wrap dream pop in an industrial haze that seems perfectly suited to life in 2011; a potent mixture of bright spots amongst ambiguous, hazy production with just the right touch of gloom. Brittany Terry's voice captures malaise with a glossy aptitude and it spars deftly with the chiming guitars and stark beats that permeate the majority of Covered in Dust. The year's seen no shortage of contenders for the current, dark post-punk crown and with newcomer labels like Blackest Ever Black and Fan Death unleashing great releases this year its good to see that Wierd Records hasn't lost its foothold on the genre. This one's a grower, but once it's latched hold all you need is to spend a cloudy day with this on repeat, looking for patches of blue sky.

[MP3] Kindest Lines - Destructive Paths to Live Happily

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminds me of The Cure/banshees project The Glove

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