Kangding Ray

Raster Norton has a long tradition of picking out the best in minimalist electronics. Most of their catalog files largely into the headphone meditation category and swims through binary to a palette of grey, black and white, so its always with some surprise that R-N producer David Letellier peppers so much color amongst the massive bass valleys that inhabit his Kangding Ray project. Vocals and guitars find their way through the blips, twisted by a minimalist mind and dilated by the cavernous force of bass usually reserved for dubstep. The album attempts to come to terms with disillusionment in a post global economy meltdown. Through its title, OR deals with the malleable concept of choice (English translation) and the value placed on currency (French translation: gold). Whether or not such lofty goals will reach all listeners is left to be seen but even if you can only appreciate the skittering, quaking surface of Kangding Ray, you'll still feel it hit you square in the chest.

[MP3] Kangding Ray - Leavaila Scheme

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or also means "And yet" in French. :)

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