On their own Richard Skelton and Autumn Richardson both craft stirring works, but when Richardson's voice combines with the solemn tones of Skelton's strings and electronics, things really begin to crystallize. Fans of Skelton's previous works may be surprised at how prevalent the voice is in these pieces, since he's mainly worked in the instrumental realm, but the collaboration still sits nicely in the otherworldly ambient niche he's been carving for years. Wolf Notes is broken into five tracks, but really its all a continuation of one sweeping movement, which is indicated by the motion sensitive track names - "Inception," "Rise," "Decline," "Rest," "Return". The pair proves that true collaboration accentuates the greatest strengths of its members and moves both beyond their singular capabilities. Definitely one of the more lovely ambient pieces you're likely to encounter this year.

[MP3] *AR - Return

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