White Boy and the Average Rat Band - White Boy and the Average Rat Band
This Toledo, Ohio band had but one release to their name and it marks one of the odder and more interesting metal releases of its time. The band mix Ginsu-sharp
metal licks with the odd sci-fi sensibilities of Ozzie or the Twinkeyz. The band's twisted sensibilities pummel them through an album's worth of fuzz and rumble that landed them in the lauded pages of the Acid Archives and thankfully back onto wax for this reissue by Roach. There's occasionally a touch of Motorhead in the vocals and they've certainly got a similar intensity, though they do slow it down for one slower blues creeper. Don't let the name put you off, White Boy and the Average Rat Band is one of those rare gems that makes you glad someone else was paying attention to the good stuff and is doing the right thing by getting it back in print.

[MP3] White Boy and the Average Rat Band - Maybe I'm a Fool

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