The Wax Museums

Wax Museums pump out another record that's just as young, loud and snotty as their last... and honestly we couldn't ask more of them. OK, truth be told on Eye Times they may have matured a little bit. The lyrics have a tinge of depth that pulls them out of ruminations on glass figurines and squalor, but it still leaves enough levity for double entendres about breakfast and sex. The fidelity gets a nice bump as well, and whether we have Trouble in Mind or the band to thank for that remains to be seen. Still this is a record for the sweaty kids who want to pogo, wear their leather jackets in 90 degree heat and throw cheap beers at the stage. Its a love letter from Wax Museums to Wax Museums and it sounds pretty damn sincere at that.

[MP3] Wax Museums - Mad Gasser
[MP3] Wax Museums - Tunguska

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