Ty Segall

Segall's latest comes with an air of anticipation in the wake of Melted's fairly universal critical praise and he more than meets the challenge at hand. Goodbye Bread is a slightly more mellow affair, packed with more slow burn moments than its predecessor, but there's still time for a little amplifier fry to sneak its way in there too. The songs were worked out in the studio this time and the process seems to have bumped the fidelity up a notch while still retaining the ragged urgency that permeates all of Segall's work. Ty has a knack for focusing melodic fury into the kinds of youth rallying anthems that move the most apathetic crowds. Goodbye Bread just added a few more club rattlers to his already stuffed arsenal.

[MP3] Ty Segall - You Make the Sun Fry

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Anonymous Mark said...

Love everything this cat does.

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