Thunder and Roses - King of the Black Sunrise
Heavy blues rock influences spread rapidly across the U.S. and U.K. in the 1969 and many a power trio was forged in the wake of this wave but one of the best undersung gems came from Philadelphia's Thunder
and Roses. The Hendrix and Cream comparisons are certainly warranted, as Chris Bond's guitar and voice both do fair interpretations respectively but the band was able to vault off of these touchstones and add something of their own to the heavy rock canon. The album pounds through some blistering originals and a pretty hefty cover of "Red House" before slumping to the floor in a pool of sweat and strangled catharsis. Its been a few years since this was out on the market but thanks to a new reissue by Kismet first time listeners get a shot at this lost in time classic.

[MP3] Thunder and Roses - White Lace and Strange

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Blogger Unknown said...

Great record . As a proto metal and proto hard rock fan, I would love to know more about this band. I can't find a wikipedia entry , have they got more records ?

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