The Sandwitches // Cookies + Demos

The Sandwitches return with yet another delightful record that's by turns both dark and breezy. The trio has always inhabited the witchy crevices of folk's cupboards but they seem to tighten their hold on the some of the more brooding aspects of their oeuvre here. On the other hand, the ladies still pack quite the carefree punch when they're want to, and there are definitely some breezy moments that stick themselves squarely in the crook of your brain on Mrs. Jones' Cookies. It's this dichotomy that has always been the allure of the band; sweet with an undercurrent of sour, and equally adept songwriting on both sides of the fence. Check out the sweet ode "Lightfoot" below plus the label sent us over a couple of demos from Cookies that show the band fleshing out the ideas that would eventually solidify into one of the year's most charming albums.

[MP3] The Sandwitches - Lightfoot

[MP3] The Sandwitches - Lightfoot (demo version)
[MP3] The Sandwitches - Black Rider (demo version)
[MP3] The Sandwitches - Joe Says (demo version)

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