Night Beats

Its always great when a band shows promise on a debut, then completely eclipses that promise on their follow-up. The Night Beats first EP for Trouble in Mind perked ears around here but it needed something more; a little more fidelity, a little more snarl. Fear not, the band has brought snarl, a nash of teeth and a whole history of Texas psych kicking through the mud with them on their self-titled debut. RSTB is wholeheartedly a sucker for bands that have been name-checking some long lost 60's gems these days, and its hard not to love a band channeling Golden Dawn (highly underrated). The bump in fidelity has these guys hitting all the right garage-psych notes and of course it never hurts that vocalist Danny Rajan has a knack for conjuring late night psilocybin visions of Roky Erickson each time he saunters to the mic. All in all, just another great addition to the grit-psych canon this year.

[MP3] Night Beats - Ain't Dumbo
[MP3] Night Beats - Dial 666

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