Leyland Kirby

Leyland Kirby has brought to tape some of the most essential deconstructed ambient music to date. This is exactly what's surprising about the first entry to a new series he's entitled Intrigue & Stuff. The first of four 12" release, Vol. 1 delves into analog synth tones, skittering beats and even a John Denver reinterpretation? Sure it’s a departure but Kirby lends all these idioms his ear for divining sadness and capturing the crumbling edges of emotion. It's some of his most ambitious recordings yet and he proves that no matter what angle he tackles, Kirby is among one of the top electronic musicians of his day. These are limited and will be going fast so pick one up! Plus keep on the lookout for Kirby this year as the man is mighty busy. He's got two albums on the way under his Caretaker moniker, an album under Leyland Kirby and of course this set of 12s.

[MP3] Leyland Kirby - Ruined Visions

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Music Video for Leyland Kirby's "Ruined Visions" - http://www.vimeo.com/24031274 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

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