Evan Caminiti

The men of Barn Owl must never sleep, at least that's what their release schedule seems to imply. Following on an impressive year in 2010 that included releases from Barn Owl, Garden Sound and a solo record and an early 2011 that already chalks up a Higuma release, here the guitarist yet again digs into the smoldering turmoil that informs the majority of his work. It seems that most of Caminiti's songs exist in a world that shares the ominous looming doom of Cormac McCarthy's opus The Road. It’s that kind of futile, scratching dystopian tone that weighs on each note of When California Falls Into the Sea. The calm moments seem only like respites between bouts of peril and creeping unease and Caminiti is a master of this kind of heavy, soundtrack-like divination of tones. Its hard to recommend any Barn Owl related project highly enough, but just know that this is as solid and breathtaking as any in their catalog.

[MP3] Evan Caminiti - Burning A Hole Through The Sky

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Anonymous Mes said...

Excellent track. Reminds me of something from Altar by Boris & Sunn O)))

3:45 PM  

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