Bitchin Bajas

Cooper Crane returns to the helm of Bitchin Bajas, this time lending his Kosmiche drones to the score of a remake of the Peter Greenaway film Water Wrackets. Crane conceived the score after seeing only a 30 second clip of the film, fleshing out six tracks of mostly blissful harmonious headspace. Though he does nudge into the rhythmic side on the score's fourth track, which returns him to the bubbling percussiveness he explored on Tones and Zones. The original film consisted mainly of shots of swirling waters and calm, mist covered ponds coupled with "documentary-style narration about the history of a fictional tribe in the distant past (or is it the far future?)" Seems like fitting territory for Crane's pieces to me and a welcome reason to get some more Bajas on vinyl.

[MP3] Bitchin Bajas - Water 4

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