White Hills

A new White Hills record always seems cause for celebration. This time around the trio continues down the path to space rock ecstasy with an arsenal of heavy riffs, stratospheric effects and the usual pummeling beat tethering things to the ground. Just as exploratory as their 2010 S/T album, H-p1 stretches the spaced template the band has built itself on, adding the extra push of synths to pull them further into the eye of prog, metal and sonic fury. The title H-p1 seems to bring with it a sense of disease in the age of epidemics doled out like headlines. The central themes of the record deal with a disconnectedness arising through technology, consumerism and public malaise; and those dystopian themes seem to fit well with the monolithic crunch of guitar that they dispense like a cure. Another great addition to the band's already sterling catalog for sure.

[MP3] White Hills - The Condition of Nothing

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Blogger Fuzzbox said...

ACE !!!! Can't wait for the album.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Mes said...

Good call. Fuckin'love the White Hills. Seen them every time they have been in the UK except one. And that's a LOT.

Last year they did a gig on my birthday. Had a chat with them afterwards. Top folks.

Brilliant band.

10:52 AM  

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