The People's Temple

When sifting through the dozens of garage bands that pop up it seems like a few labels can always be counted on to vet out the scene's cream and HoZac is certainly one of the great garage barometers of the day. Snagging an early single from these Michigan 60's disciples, the label now turns their attention to the band's full length, Sons of Stone. Sounding ripped out of time and fed on a heavy diet of The Stones, 13th Floor Elevators, Them and The Troggs; the band pieces together one of the year's better garage efforts. Their ability to cut their influences out of the past's pages and melt them into a stew of strengths feels similar to The Paperhead's recent record but unlike those Memphis upstarts The People's Temple have a few more songwriting chops on their side that elevate their homage beyond mere reverence and into memorable tracks that begin to have their own bit of branding attached to them. The album's noting if not a repeat player, and each new spin reveals the band to have an ability to stand alongside some of their more revered contemporaries like The Fresh & Onlys or even Ty Segall. It's definitely a release to watch and one for your 2011 acquisition pile.

Check out a stripped down session of "Starstreamer" from the album below.

[MP3] The People's Temple - Sons of Stone
[MP3] The People's Temple - Where You Gonna Go?

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