Jacuzzi Boys / Vivian Girls - Bruise Cruise Vol. 2 7"
The first, but not the last, one of these great splits to show up here; these great little gifts were given out to attendees of this year's inaugural Bruise Cruise. The remaining 500 of each have now been spread to the
general populace and thankfully so because there are some great gems to be found on them. On the A-side of Vol. 2, Jacuzzi Boys give us even more reason to have high expectations for that upcoming full length; a taught, swampy rocker that matches well with the snarling garage stew the band so faithfully delivers. On the flip the Vivs toss in a throwaway that doesn’t do the boys on the A-side justice. It feels more like something you'd toss on a free magazine comp than something getting pressed to vinyl for posterity; mostly background laughter and vocal harmonizing. Ah well its a small price to pay for the JB's gem on the front.

[MP3] Jacuzzi Boys - Your Flags

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The Liminanas - AF3458 7"
The Liminanas never fail to crack a smile 'round these parts. Their latest single for the always intriguing SDZ is a multi-lingual blast of fuzz battered garage and 60's-mining pop swingers. The serial number-esque A-side kicks in a fizzy, English driven
stomper that's as fun as anything in their repertoire. On the back they kick in another dose of that detached French cool that renders their tracks a notch above many of their peers. They have an intangible ability to make soundtracks for underground bungalows, backroom hideaways and the kind of in-the-know speakeasies where cash won't get you entrance but the right amount of wear on your leather jacket might. Definitely an essential piece of their catalog.

[MP3] The Liminanas - Betty and Johnny

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