Human Eye

Timmy Vulgar's been on a tear for the Sacred Bones label over the past few years; whether in the guise of Timmy's Organism or in the throes of Human Eye. Vulgar and crew take the form of the latter for their latest SB release It Came From The Sky but no matter which banner he's flying under, his Beefheart growl and characteristically offbeat reality shine through. Human Eye has always been the more ferocious of the two projects and their piercing edges flash and slash throughout this entry to the Bones canon. Vulgar's often had a bit of an obsession with horror and extra-terrestrials and there are some cross over themes tying this album directly to the last Timmy's Organism release, even penning a follow-up to the Rise of the Green Gorilla track "Impregnate the Martian Queen" for this one. It’s not easy to step lightly into Vulgar's world but once inside its recommended you relax to the cracked kaleidoscopic view, the gore and the sludge; and just let the fumes get to you.

[MP3] Human Eye - Impregnate The Martian Queen Pt 2

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