Taking into consideration that he had a hand in at least three releases last year (Barn Owl, Gärden Sound and his own solo album) its a wonder that Evan Caminiti has any time to squeeze in something else. Still he and Lisa McGee have managed to release another shimmering entry into the Higuma catalog. Oftentimes falling in line with earlier incarnations of Grouper, Pacific Fog Dreams hovers in radiant cloud of layered drones and swirling, unrecognizable vocals. Having crystallized their sound over the years, this album sounds like a group carefully recreating the sounds in their heads. Caminiti's guitar growls with tense restraint while McGee vocals echo with a sublime lilt that's both sad and ecstatic. This isn't one for the iPod to and from work; definitely the kind of record that's best paired with low lights, a quite house and the turntable. I highly recommened picking one up.

[MP3] Higuma - Crystal Harvest

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