Following the release of Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill it seemed that Liz Harris had set upon the world her fragile masterpiece, a culmination of everything that Grouper had built upon up to that point. So it seems in good question, "how do you follow up your definitive statement?" Well for Harris that certainly doesn't mean shying away from the challenge. She's answered the call with an ambitious double album; or rather two separate albums that intertwine and feed off one another make up the collection, A I A. Both halves of A I A wrap up the hemispheres of Harris' gauzy wonderland, with Alien Observer tackling the more vocal heavy, "pop" side of her recent leanings. Though with Grouper pop isn't necessarily the word that best applies, but they're the more universally palatable of the bunch. Dream Loss on the other hand ensconces itself in the nebulous drones that Harris has always loved, hearkening back to the vibes present on Wide and Cover The Windows And The Walls. The amazing thing is that both albums represent the top form of both of the niches they aim to inhabit; snagging the rights to the best dream pop and drone pop releases you're likely to hear all year in one shot.

[MP3] Grouper - Alien Observer

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