Golem - Orion Awakes
Purportedly released in 1973 on a small press label named Pyramid, Golem came to light as part of Virgin UK's Unknown Deutcshland series that followed in the wake of Julian Cope's exploration of Krautrock in the mid 90's and the
genre's resulting resurgence. Due to a sense of mystery and few details surrounding some of the compilations there has been controversy that suggests the bands on the compilation were the work of 90's musicians cashing in on the trend. This controversy isn't dispelled by the inclusion of a producing credit on the Golem album listed as Genius P. Orridge. However the album came into being it captures the driving momentum of the German Progressive underground and adds to it a more intense guitar sound than quite a few of their "peers". And regardless of whether it came to existence as a true member of the Krautrock 70's or as an offspring of its influence, the album's content is well worth a listen and a place on your shelf next to your Neu! and Guru Guru records.

[MP3] Golem - Godhead Dance

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