Gang Gang Dance

After flirting heavily with pop for the last few years, Gang Gang Dance hold their breath for the deepest submersion yet. While not entirely the straightforward dance-pop playground that St. Dymphna anomaly "House Jam" hinted towards, the band's latest fuses a much heavier beat style to their signature blend of experimentation and quite well in fact. Where "House Jam" and "Princes" stuck out like good ideas on an incongruous (though incongruously great) album, here the band is able to balance their pop impulses with their more adventurous history; and in turn they create something that is both more experimental and more pop than both camps are usually capable of. Eye Contact certainly moves, and it often skirts a line between dance and abstraction to the very edge; with breakdowns melting into tribal textures and Bougatsos' voice trading verses for vocal sculptures that envelop like an icy breeze. Its certainly going to be the album that opens them up to a new audience and much praise should go to them for that. Its one of their best and most likely one of 2011's best as well.

[MP3] Gang Gang Dance - MindKilla

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