C Spencer Yeh – In The Blink of An Eye 7"
Yeh has been force in the experimental and noise community for years so its certainly a surprise to open his latest single and find jittery, guitar driven pop. However C Spence proves that he can be just as
deft with a hook as he can with speaker crumbling fuzz. The A-side in particular has a danceable quality that could very well make Yeh a household name if he chooses to follow this path. While some in the noise community may take this as a betrayal, I suppose that in the long scheme it can't be seen as too shocking. Similar paths have been followed by everyone from Animal Collective to Excepter and it’s only helped to allow them to expose more audiences to some of their noisier impulses slipped in amongst the clean. Here's to wondering what's next for Yeh.

[MP3] C Spencer Yeh - In the Blink of An Eye

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Sun Araw – Houston Abstros 7"
In another surprising turn towards pop, who saw Sun Araw cranking out a cover of Teenage Fanclub? Well maybe it’s not so shocking; Stallones has covered unusual ground before; tackling everything from gospel on our very own compilation series to
Neil Young for charity. Still, its a cleaner sound than I'd expect from that camp. The A-side is still pure Araw, swampy and dub drenched with a crawling beat that feels like the dense center of summer. The B-Side as mentioned tackles Teenage Fanclub's "December" and its no jangled note-for-note take on the song. Instead Stallones drags the pop nugget towards the dip of the horizon, melting it into his signature syrupy psych.

[MP3] Sun Araw - December

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