Swedish duo Tape return with another serene collision of bubbling electronics and gorgeous folk. A co-release between Immune and Swedish label H├Ąpna, Revelationes somehow winds the pair down an even more blissful path than they've been on in the past. Gone are the overtones of unease that bristled below the surface of Luminarium. Instead this album seems to deal with a slow descent into age, a coming to terms with circumstances out of one's control. This is, of course, all imbued through instrumental swells and the cigarette burn of distortion at the edges of their compositions. Definitely a lighter side to Tape but still evoking just as much serene melancholia as they've always mustered.

[MP3] Tape - Companions

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Anonymous Yair Yona said...

Great news, Luminarium was a brilliant album. So was their release with Bill Wells

10:53 AM  

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