SMM: Context

RSTB and Ghostly International have shared a love over the years for artists who blur the lines between minimal, electronic and classical music. Ghostly's often labeled these releases SMM and they've got a few gems under their own canopy that fall into this vein. With SMM: Context they begin an annual compilation series that collects some of the great artists making music outside their umbrella; collecting works from previous RSTB faves like Leyland Kirby, Svarte Greiner, The Fun Years, Rafael Anton Irisarri and Peter Broderick. Though culled from disparate sources the compilation weaves together a tapestry of bleak skies and finger-chewed anxiety. Each artist in on the comp has a proven track record of coaxing emotion from the seemingly elements, whether they be the grainy crack of field recordings or looped pieces of plaintive piano or glacial swells of strings. This is an excellent start to the series and an essential release for anyone into any of the artists involved.

[MP3] Kyle Bobby Dunn - Runge's Last Stand

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