Los Dug Dug's - Smog
I've mentioned Los Dug Dug's first LP on Raven before and while that is an indispensable part of the Mexican psych canon, Armando Nava's 1972 follow up is hardly less essential. With the band stripped back to a power trio and with a new
focus on Spanish vocals, the band toughened their sound, often walking the line between a Mexican Jethro Tull and some of their American proto-metal peers. There were some reported disagreements between Nava and the rest of the band while recording, resulting in him exiling himself to his house for a fifteen day stint to rework and reshape Smog into the brutal beast you see here. The band was popular in their native region and recorded for RCA Mexico but aside from a short stint playing around New York they were never able to cross out of the Latin airwaves. Following Smog they recorded a few more albums but would never quite make the break through they deserved. They've remained constants on the collector's market and now, thankfully, both of their first two albums have been laid back down on vinyl.

[MP3] Los Dug Dug's - Cual es tu Nombre
[MP3] Los Dug Dug's - No Somos Malos

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