Rene Hell

Jeff Witscher (aka Rene Hell) has been rather busy since the last time we saw him around here; releasing cassettes, collaborations (with Wet Hair and Pete Swanson) and still finding time to record his most ambitious album yet. The Terminal Symphony is Witscher's attempt to create a "tighter, more composed piece of music". Straying from the trend of some of his compatriots to create side-long, immersive pieces; here he's instead crafted ten gorgeously fragile and hypnotic tracks that while each able to stand on their own as concise compositions, also make up a moving and varied sonic sculpture once they're woven into the whole album. Working well within the analog palette here, The Terminal Symphony moves from pulsing crunch to languid, glittering ambience and into mournful classical graces seamlessly. Its definitely one of the most ambitious records of 2011 so far and each listen seems to peel back another layer of android soul. Check out the video below for "E.S. des Grauens in Fifths" created by Megazord, and because Type is particularly awesome you can preview the whole album on Soundcloud below.

Rene Hell - The Terminal Symphony by _type

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