Niggas With Guitars

Though it may sound like another ill fated Lil Wayne side project, this secretive group mines deep into the hypnogogic underground mashing melted drones against clipped 808 beats and blissful keys against time-warped vocals. Over the course of this super limited LP the cult of NWG whips through a syrupy array of styles that move the listener through waiting room muzak malaise right into Italian horror heights and varnish the whole thing under a crackle of library music that feels like the unraveling of a bad dream. Ethnic Frenzy is definitely not a one time listen, it takes time to melt into your consciousness and the more you let it soundtrack the moments of your life, the deeper you sink into its psychosis. The band has released a slew of limited tapes and CD-rs but its nice to see them getting the vinyl treatment here from Digitalis. If you run across this definitely pick it up because if you hesitate, it'll be gone!

[MP3] Niggas With Guitars - E.F.O.

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