After a barrage of live recordings in the last couple of years, Matt Valentine and Erika Elder are back with a new studio recording for the folks at Three Lobed. Country Stash, unsurprisingly, falls right in line with a lot of the material that has shown up on those CD-rs and live records that popped up and a few live favorites like "Tea Devil" finally get a proper studio treatment here. The duo drifts their psych-blues on green-filtered sunshine and cold, crisp Vermont air, carrying their cosmic-folk into the ether in radiating waves. The band hooks up with some familiar players, most of whom have shown up on the live work, connecting the studio record to the sense of family and sonic community that they carry on the road. Mick Flower, Doc Dunn, Mike Smith and a whole host of psych's top echelon contribute here and the results are another gem of a release for the band. Though the live recordings will always show the immediacy and process of their songwriting, once they get into a studio it becomes evident why so many people pack out those road gigs each time. As with most Three Lobed releases this one's limited (to 625) and is presented in cooperation with Blatant Obviousness.

[MP3] MV & EE - The Crash Palace of Records

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