Moritz Von Oswald Trio

Moving from vertical to horizontal on their second studio album, Moritz Von Oswald and his trio (ne quintet now) have blown open their structured sound to something more free roaming than they displayed on Vertical Ascent. With the addition of guitar from Paul St Hilaire and double bass from Marc Muellbauer, the trio has allowed their dub-drawled palette to engulf a syrupy form of Krautrock, a plethora of free jazz and some slow motion blues. These qualities weave deftly between the flecks of minimalist techno that pervaded the debut ushering them away from the Basic Channel comparisons that seemed follow its release. Horizontal Structures tears down the rigid structure allows the five players to bounce off of each other in a way that's just right for the headphone listener. The CD and vinyl have yet to arrive but digital customers get a bonus fifth track that makes their early adoption worth the price of admission.

[MP3] Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Horizontal Structure 3

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